Social listening involves observing and analysing your brand’s social media channels for any customer comments, feedback or direct mentions. It can involve a consumer talking about specific topics, keywords or industries. By keeping your finger on the pulse of your brand’s profile and conversations across your industry you can uncover new opportunities and anticipate any risks/threats to your brand health.

Social monitoring keeps track of all your brand mentions and conversations on any social media channel, when you take the analysis part of this data, it becomes social listening which is the part which will help the brand make improvements to keep meeting the needs of your customers.

Social ListeningSocial listening VS social monitoring

Social listening is similar to social media monitoring however there are some important differences. Social monitoring is simply looking at metrics such as relevant hashtags, brand mentions and industry trends. Social media monitoring looks at metrics including the number of mentions and engagement rate, social listening looks beyond those numbers and examines the mood behind the data. People’s digital mood can also be linked to social media sentiment, keeping tabs on this is a key element to social listening.  

Social listening is so important if your business wants to build a solid reputation and following on their social media channels. It allows you as a business to respond right away to a negative or positive post. Also, you can analyse historical and live information to guide your marketing strategy going forward.  

Reason to use social listening 

Business owners and marketers naturally make assumptions about their customers; e.g. what their wants and needs might be. However, with social listening, you will have data that shows what they are feeling towards your brand. Furthermore, customers appreciate when brands respond to them on social media, they feel that they have been heard and that they are valued by the brand. Research conducted by Sprout Social showed that 83% of respondents like when brands respond and 68% like when brands join in on conversations on social media. It’s more than just showing you are responding, it’s creating responses that provide value, these types of replies will increase brand retention and loyalty.

Social ListeningThrough using social listening brands can face any negative sentiment quickly and effectively. Whether the comment is true or false, one negative comment can cause a backlash from other people reading it. The analysing aspect of this is where you could lo

ok at whether the negative comment caused any decline in followers, traffic to website or even a reduction in sales. From this data, you can work on the strategy to solve the problem.

Sometimes your customers will bring new ideas and concepts to you. When you are social listening, you could uncover that many customers are complaining about the same product or service or on a more positive note, talking about how they love a product or service of yours. These are indicators that brands shoul

d seek out to help identify if there is a bigger opportunity there. Rather than simply monitoring these comments or posts, you can use social listening to inform your marketing strategy. 

Platforms to use for social listening 

There are many platforms to use for social listening, one being HubSpot, they have all you need to build campaigns, share content, and discover the best times to post all in one platform. On HubSpot’s interface, you can respond to comments and mentions and even compare performance across each platform, keeping track of the number of comments, mentions etc.

Hootsuite is another great platform to use for social listening. Their dashboard helps you grow and monitor your brand’s digital performance. Hootsuite allows you to view all your brand’s comments, messages and mentions in one place which allows you to respond quickly and at scale. There is an analytics tool on Hootsuite which allows you to track what’s being discussed about your brand and your competitors across the industry, therefore showing you how to improve your campaigns accordingly. 


Social media is constantly evolving therefore being able to view data which can show how to grow and shift with customer trends is vital. People now want brands that will interact with them and respect their opinions therefore social listening is so important to not only understand your customers but to continuously improve your brand. Finally, social listening is hugely powerful – if done right. If you love this concept however don’t have time to implement and manage yourself, you could outsource to a digital marketing company. If you have any more questions about social listening or digital marketing in general please get in touch! 

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