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Using Video Marketing to Reach Millennials

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Using Video Marketing to Reach Millennials


Millennials – who were the first to adopt the internet on a huge scale. They are a highly-educated, globally-connected, environmentally-conscious, technologically-minded generation. 

This strong set of characteristics allows Millennials to be aware of the world around them, causing them to be a generation ready to make a difference, a generation who crave authenticity and realness as a result. 

Born into the age of the technology take-over, Millennials give their attention to an array of devices when browsing the web and are likely to be the first to adopt new technologies. With extra cash to splash on innovative products, Millennials are also keen to pay premium prices for products if the brand is seen to support a worthy cause. With world change and supporting important causes ranking high on their list, finding a brand that aligns with their values can be time-consuming. This leads to a high loyalty factor when they do find a brand they connect with. While core values play a role in establishing brand loyalty, 45% of Millennials admitted they are encouraged to become loyal if there are loyalty reward schemes in place. This loyalty goes only so far, as a further 67% admit they are more likely to visit a website if it offers a discount code for a product. Imagine it as a hook to bring Millennials into your brand, you can capture competitor audiences, and your competitors will likely be deploying the same tactics across their digital marketing and social media campaigns. 

Social Media

Millennials hold a strong digital presence – with 88% using Facebook and 83% streaming on Youtube. This generation uses these channels to engage with friends and family, interact with brands and conduct product research. Currently, almost 85% of Millennials are following their favourite brands on Facebook, this is due to many Millennials claiming they feel inspired to purchase from a brand and remain loyal if a brand has sincerely interacted with them and delivered exclusive content. Following their preferred brands on social media also gives Millennials easy access to product/service reviews, which tend to influence their decision-making process. Encouraged by word-of-mouth and consumer reviews, Millennials often find themselves influenced by User-Generated-Content (UGC) as this appears more authentic than brand promotions.


Appreciative of technology innovations, Millennials appear more receptive to attention-grabbing, scroll-stopping, interactive content which brands often incorporate into video. Despite spending 60 minutes per day watching video, millennials are also beginning to demand more from brands, craving increasingly innovative formats. A generation used to continual digital advancements, Millennials are beginning to give their attention to augmented reality, virtual reality and content produced by Artificial Intelligence. This is due to a greater appreciation for experiences over products, and a desire to interact.


As a globally-connected generation, Millennials are diverse, making segmentation crucial. Having access to such an extensive network, opinions and recommendations are easily shared – consider this in your content production. Ensure your brand are authentic and hold strong values to establish a strong trust. Connect with your audience, reach out to them with genuine purpose, this will build brand trust and loyalty. Meanwhile, increase your brand engagement and network by encouraging your fans to share your brand with their network as this is a generation that trust’s the opinions of their peers. This generation crave innovation, be the brand that introduces them to a new content world, making use of what they want – AR, VR and AI. While you may be marketing a product, producing AR, VR or AI content will create an experience for your market. These technologies also require 100% of the users’ attention, ensuring they are concentrating on your brand. 


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