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Using Video Marketing to Attract Gen Z

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Generation Z – the largest, in terms of population and arguably the most diverse in terms of demographic and interests. It’s estimated that by 2026 Gen Z will be the largest consumer population, therefore, building your brand awareness and strengthening your brand recall now is important. They are a tech-savvy, ethically-focused, visually-motivated generation. Being digitally-minded has led Gen Z to be the biggest users of the internet/ social media, granting them the chance to effectively grow their network, increasing their knowledge. This hyper-awareness has led this generation to become thought-leaders in many spheres, with there being a widespread desire to make a change. 

Social Media

Generation Z holds the biggest presence on social media – Youtube and Instagram being their go-to channels. This generation uses social media as a means of staying up-to-date with the latest happenings and trends and sharing content. From this content sharing, 82% admitted they are likely to trust a recommendation shared by their peers which often influences their purchase decisions. They also massively responsive to the influence of online personalities with 56% claiming they would buy a product shared by someone they followed. Aspiration is a major currency within this realm, as Gen Zers look to emulate the personalities they follow and can see content publishing as a source of entertainment, inspiration whilst also holding the potential to be monetized. 

As a result, many brands have adopted influencer marketing, which in recent years has seen some incredible results as well as some degree of controversy. With an estimated attention span of 8 seconds, Gen Z spend vast amounts of time across Youtube and Instagram to interact with their influencers’ content as they want to consume as much information as possible in as short a period as possible. This makes video an essential tool when reaching out to this audience. Influencer marketing works for Gen Z by delivering a rich level of marketing messaging and information alongside covetable interactive content.


Those under 25 years old, spend an average of almost 3.5 hours per day watching videos online and unlike their elders, smartphones are their preferred device for viewing this content, with 83% choosing to watch with the video sound off. These are things to keep in mind when creating your video content. Producing video content that is not optimised for multiple orientations can drastically reduce watch time as 82% of users find it off-putting to watch a video that isn’t in their chosen orientation and with most watching without sounds brands must ensure subtitles (or similar) are available. If you plan on running a digital marketing campaign, be sure to use video but also be sure to format the videos accordingly. 


As previously mentioned, Gen Z are the generation eager to make change happen. This generation is attempting to tackle some of the World’s biggest issues, making ethical and sustainable practices top of their list, and if your brand is able to connect with them on this level you have a solid foundation to engage with a major market share. Your brand and campaigns must aspire to showcase your mission and values whenever possible in order to capture the trust of Gen Z. As for using influencers, although under 25s can often relate to them, if they do not find the advert authentic, it won’t make the cut. Choose influencers wisely, focus on targeting, relevancy, and above all else agree metrics and KPIs wherever possible.  

When not trying to change the world, Gen Z are a generation of meme lovers (humorous visual content shared online, usually graphics or videos). Make a short, snappy, silly (to an extent) video and you’re sure to win them over – maybe even go viral. This short punchy format is ideally suited to an audience who will be used to switching between apps and devices, making capturing their attention more a challenge. However, like other generations, they connect more with adverts when they feel resonate with them on a personal level. 

They are also a generation that embraces diversity, making segmentation important and risky. Gen Z expect to be represented in any media served to them. This diversity of interests and behaviours means they require personalised content wherever possible. Speak with our Digital Strategy team to discuss how you can tackle this challenge and gain an increased market share across Gen Z.



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