Content Marketing plays a crucial role in a brand’s strategy as engaging content can drive brand awareness, demand and revenue when done right. 72% of marketers say that content marketing increases customer engagement and the number of sales leads. Marketing trends come and go but if you are able to keep up with what your target audience wants you can put your brand ahead of the competition. Content marketing continues to evolve along with technology and consumer demands, for example, the increasing surge of voice search and new social media platforms. 

Platforms themselves are changing as Facebook is now starting to attract an older audience while there are newer channels like TikTok that appeal to “millennials” and “Gen Zers”. For content marketers to reach their target audience effectively they need to adapt their marketing strategies in line with the changing trends. Our blog will outline the 5 biggest content marketing trends that will help your business increase its online presence and revenue. 

Repurposing Content Across Different Channels

A big content marketing trend for 2021 is the repurposing of content. Where you take one asset that you have used a specific channel and reuse it on a different channel – in a different way or approach. For example, creating social media material for B2C customers but using the same graphic for your B2B brand however changing the copy so it resonates better with that audience. Creating high quality and valuable content is the best way to make sure you can repurpose onto various channels. This is an organic way to build your brand, reach a bigger audience and achieve your marketing objectives. 

Content Marketing

By repurposing across various channels, you can start to create a seamless consistent experience for your audience that helps them connects the dots when it comes to painting a picture of your business. They can visit your website, social media channels and see your email newsletters and have a continuous experience with your brand. When you repurpose old content or create new content with repurposing in mind, you are saving yourself time placing that content in front of a different audience. Below are a few examples of how to repurpose your content:

  1. Embedding YouTube videos into your blog – Video is an important marketing tool therefore why not implement the videos you create into your blogs too. 86% of video marketers say that video has a high Return on Investment (ROI).
  2. Create Infographics from existing research and stats – Creating infographics from existing content is a valuable repurposing strategy. Your audience can read about news and findings in blog posts and articles however data visualisation creates a bigger impact. By doing this your audience gets a picture filled with significant information and images are more likely to be retained, in fact, images are 65% more memorable than words after a period of 3 days. 
  3. Turning blog posts into newsletter content – take the main points and statistics and send a virtual newsletter to your customers. Therefore processing the same information in a different context.

One way to help you select which content to repurpose is to look and analyse the pieces that have been most popular in the past. You can use Google Analytics or Facebook/Instagram analytics to gain a full understanding as to why those pieces are performing better with your audience and work on refreshing them for new channels.

Building Content Communities

One of the biggest content marketing trends in 2021 is building communities around content sharing and creation that allows marketing teams to expand their reach even if they have fewer resources. Some businesses having limited resources in 2020 and high output in demands helped this trend take off. By expanding a brands reach with a content community can help you expand into bigger marketers as some people within the community are experts – experts in design, strategy or copywriting. 

An example of a marketing community would be ProBlogger, known for its job board and blog however its community side is a big part of the business too. The platform gives new and established bloggers a chance to collaborate and learn together. In addition, it offers networking opportunities, webinars, community downloads and discounted events. 

Doubling Down On SEO

We expect to see quality SEO content continue to be a critical part of businesses’ content marketing strategies going forward. We also anticipate that emerging brands will continue to find ways of differentiating themselves from the bigger brands SEO by implementing niche and long-tailed keywords – creating content that’s more engaging and resonates better with their target audience. 

Content Marketing

All brands should have a solid SEO strategy in place and continue to do keyword research to be ahead of their competitors. Before you start to enhance your SEO content, it is important to check if your website architecture is effective first as a good site structure will pave the way for SEO success. Read our recent blog, on how to enhance your website architecture to help increase your SEO rankings. 


As we are always on the go, podcasts are becoming more popular due to their ease of use. In 2006 only 22% of the adult population listened to podcasts but in 2020, this figure rose to 75%. 

Essentially podcasts are a convenient way to listen to your favourite people or brands and join them in their conversations. Podcasts are a growing content trend for brands as they can teach consumers something new, an interesting story or about a product/service. It’s a great platform to build deeper connections with your audience and boost engagement. 

Podcasts run in episodes therefore if you are starting you should create a plan for each episode and what each one will entail so the content doesn’t run out and you have plenty to talk about. You can do this by talking about different topics, ask questions or invite guest speakers to join your podcast. When picking a guest, make sure they align with your brand or topic you’re planning to discuss. Guest speakers can grow your podcast audience and credibility online, as they will mention your podcast on their social channels and blogs which will have a larger following. 


Webinars give your target audience live access to your brand. Fundamentally it’s an online conferencing tool that allows businesses to share their expertise and discuss with their audience, growing their reach and strengthening their brand’s reputation. Webinars are especially effective with B2B companies as 66% of B2B buyers prefer to watch a webinar from the brand before buying a product or service. 

Webinars allow businesses to easily educate their audience and showcase their products or services but also, more importantly, build a relationship with potential buyers. Before starting a series of webinars, it’s best to plan out what each will entail, know the audience you want to invite to watch and engage but also invest in the right tools. To host an effective webinar, look for platforms that include registration page, waiting room and breakout rooms if you want the audience to discuss in more detail within groups. Live webinars work best for answering questions and building a rapport with the audience however some people might not be able to make the date/time so be sure to record the live sessions and offer on-demand webinars that will work for your business 24/7. 


Content Marketing is a crucial part of your marketing strategy, therefore planning and keeping up with the trends is vital. The overall trend is creating high-quality content that will drive more traffic and sales to your business without necessarily taking up more time or resources. These 5 trends outlined will continue to soar therefore it’s important to add them into your marketing process now for better results. 

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