Tips For Increasing Your Social Media Organic Reach

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Organic reach is the traffic which is exposed to your content through unpaid distribution. Simply put, it’s the engagement you get from users without having to pay for it. Those clicks you see from Facebook shares, or your website appearing in Google search results etc. By implementing organic content as part of your social media strategy your brand can encourage free interaction from your audience. Achieving organic reach can bring a multitude of benefits for your brand. Our blog outlines simple tips your brand can take to improve your organic reach on social media. 

Understand Content

Gaining strong organic placements and reach initially boils down to your brand and content and how they impact your audience. Gripping content will recurringly stop the scroll of your audience. Sharing content which evokes humour, shock etc. lead to post engagement, enticing audiences to return or actively search for content. Ensure to post evergreen content (content without an expiration date), this content will remain relevant whilst continuously portraying your brand as authoritative. Organic content doesn’t always have to be personal. By curating content you demonstrate parts of your brand’s personality whilst exhibiting you are aware of the current market and affairs – making your brand trustworthy.

For insight on posting schedules and content ideas monitor your competitors’ social media. Analyse which content experiences the highest engagement and determine when these posts were shared. This investigation will assist your brand in monitoring their own results as you will gain the knowledge to determine differences between your audiences, your content etc. This will allow you to ensure you share your content in the right places.

Including keywords and hashtags within your shared content improves SEO and shows your brand as a strong content producer, again, leading to stronger placements and higher visibility

Understand Your Audience

The ultimate aim of producing content is to engage your audience and encourage interaction. Doing this effectively requires your brand to hold a solid understanding of your audience – habits, motivations etc. By holding this knowledge your brand increase their opportunity for stronger organic reach as you permit your team to produce content which will most likely encourage likes, comments and shares – showing your brand as increasingly authoritative.

Your online presence should convey your brand personality and positively affect your brand perception. Your social media platforms act as a hub for your audience to become a community, therefore, user-experience must be flawless – link clicks etc,  this will result in stronger interactions.


High-quality content which incorporates strong SEO will strengthen the visibility of your brand. By understanding your audiences’ needs, wants, motivations and habits you give your brand the best chance to deliver engaging content and achieve organic reach. This content can also be advised by monitoring your competitors’ timelines, giving you insights before scheduling.


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