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Split Testing is Crucial For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

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It’s like comparing apples and oranges, and you need to know what your target audience prefers and keep in mind their tastes may change in future. Introducing split testing to your digital marketing campaigns brings a multitude of benefits. By creating variations of your marketing assets, ads, straplines etc you provide will be able to learn what your audience engage with most, ultimately giving you the chance to extract some fantastic learnings from y our audience’s behaviour. Effectively implementing split testing helps generate higher content engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and decreased bounce rates. Our blog outlines the opportunities split testing provides for your brand. 

What is Split Testing?

Split testing is a controlled experiment. Implementing it into your digital marketing campaign involves creating multiple variations of one campaign. By doing so, you can extract insights into which variation best captures the attention of your audience or which combinations create the best return on investment. Consequently, these insights provide your business with the opportunity to create and improve.

Implementing Split Testing

Implementing split testing involves creating variations of your marketing assets. Think of it as the ability to hedge your bets. Running variations on headlines, graphics, straplines, CTAs etc. When adding these variations, it is important to remember their purpose. For example, an effective headline will place the reader in the right mindset before they click through – ultimately encouraging them to continue reading. CTAs can be eyecatching, convincing and on the flip side, they can be a little misleading. Don’t test on impulse, use your time and resources effectively by doing your research – work with your internal team or digital marketing partner agency to see which variables they feel work best and implement these findings into your overall campaign to determine results. 

With this multitude of combinations available it is important to adopt a structure and create a plan. Outline the objectives of your split test campaign and continuously monitor results to ensure your campaign remains on track. For accurate data, compare traffic, engagement etc before your campaign went live, during your campaign and after. 

Think about timing. For example, external factors play a large role in your split test campaign, therefore, it is important to bear this in mind when analysing results. Seasonal impulses may increase your traffic – Valentine’s, Christmas etc. 

Benefits of Split Testing

A major benefit of split testing is that it is super simple to implement for beginners. There’s no need for your split test to be complex or demand a complete overhaul of your campaign structure. By adapting one aspect you can gain wider insights into your audiences’ behaviours, motivations etc. Equipped with a clearer understanding of your audience, your future campaigns then have a greater chance of increasing conversions and engagement. 

Conducting a split test is an efficient way to gain insights – proving time efficient. Analysing results gathered from your split test campaign can be straightforward with some clear distinction between the performance of your variants. Meanwhile, by generating more data, split tests can help you reduce costs across your future campaigns. By understanding your audiences’ wants and behaviours, you can ensure future campaigns are tailored and personalised


Digital marketing gives you infinite possibilities to split test, treat it as an opportunity and an obligation to evolve your activity across PPC, social media, email etc. Ultimately, these alterations effectively contribute to increasing your brand’s current and future conversion rates. This will enhance your key metrics such as CPC, CTR and on-page behaviours. There are a number of straight forward ways to begin split testing, and if you haven’t started using it, you best get moving!


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