Should Startups Outsource Digital Marketing?

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Starting a business generates a whirlwind of emotions, opportunities and hurdles, many of which are impacted by the resources, experience and funds available to the business. Often those involved are encouraged to commit to multiple roles, some of which they may have limited experience in – digital marketing often being one. By outsourcing digital marketing for your startup, you offer your business the opportunity to optimise your time and budget through partnering with experts – ultimately generating the best results for your campaigns. Our blog highlights how your startup can benefit from outsourcing your digital marketing.

Digital MarketingResources

When building a new business resources are limited, from physical resources to intangible assets such as case studies – consequently, this reduces a startup’s opportunities. With a lack of digital marketing experience and no reviews, it can prove difficult for a new business to promote strong brand awareness. When partnered with a digital marketing agency, however, you generate the ability for your brand to be showcased among your desired audience. 

Already established with the marketing industry, digital marketing agencies are equipped with resources which are out of reach for many startups such as optimisation tools. Through partnering with a digital marketing agency your business eliminate the cost of these sign-ups. 


Hiring a small in-house digital marketing team presents its own benefits – a committed team, a brand knowledgeable team etc, however, when starting out, outsourcing becomes the most viable option. Meanwhile, by opting against an in-house team, your business erases the need for marketing recruitment and training, saving your business money. By outsourcing your digital marketing you grant responsibility to a team of dedicated experts who hold the knowledge, skills and experience needed to generate the best results for your business. A team of experts – digital marketing agencies have strong market awareness allowing for powerful online product launches and placements. Outsourcing your digital marketing also allows your campaign to be continuously optimised through your agency partner’s ability to analyse, interpret results and appropriately adjust campaigns for the best outcomes.  In turn, this decreases the risk to your business.

Time is moneyDigital Marketing

As previously mentioned, outsourcing your startup’s digital marketing removes the need for marketing recruitment and training, which consequently saves money. Meanwhile, with no marketing training required and your digital marketing agency holding responsibility for campaign performance, your team are able to allocate time and concentration to other tasks. Alongside benefiting from reduced training, your startup can also experience a higher ROI through outsourcing digital marketing. This is a result of working with an experienced team whose sole dedication is to focus on generating results for your campaign. Ultimately, this dedication allows your outsourced digital marketers to make real-time alterations which will keep optimisation levels high throughout.


Creating a successful startup requires knowing when to accept help and advice and by opting to outsource your digital marketing that is exactly what you are doing. Allowing your digital marketing partner to control your campaign will ensure your promotions encounter the best results. Through partnering with experts, your campaigns can be continuously monitored, altered and optimised to assist your startup in becoming successful. Outsourcing is a highly cost-effective for your startup as it eliminates the need for other costs, ensuring your budget is utilised efficiently.

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