From corporate giants to startups, the SEO process involves improving your rankings on search engines like Google. However, some companies have misconceptions of SEO, as they assume the SEO audit and SEO optimisation can be done in a matter of weeks/days when in reality it can take months for them to get to where they want to be. This is where the saying comes from that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. SEO is a marathon that needs preparation, planning, and most importantly time, investing in SEO will pay off in the long run. 

SEO Optimisation Timeline

Some people have a general idea of how SEO works, but few people grasp the time it takes for SEO to start working for your business. Below is a timeline and the process of steps that need to be followed:

  • Seo Audit: 1 week 
  • Technical changes: At least 3 months before results are evident 
  • Keyword research: 2 – 4 weeks 
  • Updating content: 2 – 3 months 
  • Link acquisition campaign: 2 – 3 months 

Your budget, how good your website is, and how urgently you need SEO optimisation done can all have an impact on how long each step can take. 

SEO Audit
Before you optimise your website, it’s crucial to know what parts of your website are lacking and where it needs improvement before making it SEO optimised. As you look at your website probably daily, it’s good to get a fresh pair of eyes to look at it, even a professional to figure out it’s weaknesses. Couple of things to look out for:

  • Domain authority ranking – You can conduct an online search of your current website which will give you a score out of 100 on how  authoritative your website is, SEO is one of the factors which determines the score. Brand new websites will start with a domain authority score of one. 
  • Meta content – Meta titles and descriptions are so important if you want to include SEO into your marketing strategy. There are only short sentences however you should include your brand name and most popular keywords in it that represent your product or service.
  • Website content – quality content will help you rank better for SEO, therefore updating website content regularly will help. 
  • Website load time – Around 50% of internet users will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Also Google will put you on a low ranking if your site load time is slow. 

SEO Optimisation

Technical Changes
After you have completed your SEO audit, a few technical changes might have been shown, therefore best to highlight and fix these issues as soon as you can. Some of this might include, removing broken links, optimising your site for mobile use, decreasing your site load time, and removing any duplicate pages. Also, one thing which is very important is making sure your website is secure with HTTPS, as a lot of users will come off your site if they see it’s not secure. 

Keyword Research
Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing the most popular search terms people type into search engines when looking for your product or service. Doing this research can highlight the popularity of some phrases or words and uncover some phrases that you might have not heard of before. 

The best to start your keyword research is to have a brainstorm of products/services you offer and words associated with them. There are some free keyword research tools, which will help you understand the most popular ones and how many times people search for the word or phrase. 

SEO Optimisation

Updating Content
After you determine the keywords you want to use, it is time to add them to your website. The quality of content is more important than the quantity, therefore a clear strategy with your new keywords in mind before writing is always a good idea. When writing, always bring value to the reader and hook them in from the first couple of sentences. 

Another thing to add to boost your SEO rankings is call to actions, in addition to using keywords and creating quality content, you want readers to make an action when on your site so carefully placing call to action buttons can help with this. Once finished creating the new content, asking someone to read over it with a fresh pair of eyes is essential as you don’t want a typo casting a shadow over your business. 

Link Acquisition Campaign
Link building is acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. If the links are built into your site well it also helps with SEO ranking as Google will check links to make sure they are credible. Link building campaigns is the process of trying to increase links to your website, this can be done by partnering with a company and getting a guest blogger. Link building won’t increase your rankings straight away, it will take time to have a positive effect but can be a good way to stay ahead of your competitors. 

If you need support or advice with your SEO strategy, Jam Digital can help. Outsourcing to an SEO agency like us, where we can offer your business the opportunity to optimise your time and budget through partnering with our team of experts, ultimately we will generate the best results for your business. 

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