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Remaining Connected with your Community

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Working from home has become the new normal. Adapting to this new context in a familiar environment brings a combination of advantages and disadvantages. With direct interaction becoming restricted, there has never been a more appropriate time to utilise digital technology to keep your team connected. Our blog highlights how your brand can use digital to your advantage to keep both your teams and prospects connected. 


To enable your employees to remain super productive whilst working from home, you must ensure they have access to the correct equipment and are supported/guided by excellent processes. Working remotely means employees may experience new obstacles, therefore, it is crucial your business develops troubleshooting processes and support networks for these all eventualities. 

Much like employees, prospects and digital marketing customers will also be met with new hurdles during their purchase process. It is important your business understands these challenges and is prepared to resolve them, or at the very least acknowledge them. 


Unique circumstances deliver the opportunity to provide increased assistance. Be understanding and ensure you are readily available to offer support with any queries or challenges your team encounters. Working from home increases distractions, meaning it is imperative you present your employees with the option of flexible working – this will ensure their work meets their usual standard. 

Accessible support for your prospects/consumers is vital. Provide your community with regular updates via your website and social media channels. These platforms also provide the opportunity for interaction and instantaneous responses to your community, demonstrating that your brand cares about their community. Through these channels, your brand can be transparent about their current situation and their future. This honesty will instil trust in your prospects/consumers. 


In today’s world, technology thankfully makes staying connected easier – helping maintain positivity levels. Our team holds regular check-in meetings throughout the day, with Friday evening catch-ups about our week’s highlights. These check-ins allow our team to stay on track and work together effectively to reach our business goals. It’s not all work and no play. Our team interacts with Friday quizzes to keep morale high and combat the feeling of isolation. This interaction helps ensure we each have positive mind space and something to look forward to each week during these unprecedented times. 

Virtually coming together during these unprecedented times is important and utilising your digital platforms to keep your community interacting is key. This space allows your community to interact with your brand but also with each other, combating isolation. By sharing updates and alternatives you will encourage prospects/consumers to stay loyal to your brand during these hard times. Try using your digital marketing to encourage activities and challenges amongst your community, keeping them entertained and connected with your brand.


Working together to combat loneliness during isolation is imperative. Your brand must demonstrate to your teams and community the important role they play in your business. By ensuring each has access to information and remains up-to-date with your situation and changes you will bring them together, consequently leading their affection and loyalty for your brand to increase. During these difficult times increasing the availability of your management team to your employees and customer service to your prospects/consumers is essential to ensure queries are handled timely and effectively. Encouraging interactions and engagements will increase positivity and strengthen mental-health in others, showing your brand are one who cares for and supports their community. 

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