I wrote a piece recently banging on about Facebook Ad Relevancy and its effects on Cost Per Click (CPC). It was nice to show the difference between a 6/10 ad and a 9/10 ad.

For a while now I have been encouraging more clients to consider Facebook Canvas Ads for their upcoming campaigns, as these ads have the ability to tell more of a story and ultimately achieve higher relevancy scores. Hopefully some new results will help convert more clients to the ways of Canvas.

The photo attached shows the results of a Canvas vs Standard Static ad from a recent Facebook campaign. Both ads are from the same ad set, so they were bound by the same targeting parameters. The 10/10 Canvas ad is achieving the lowest CPC (£0.02) for any UK targeting campaign that I’ve worked on. Ultimately delivering a much greater volume of highly relevant traffic to the campaign landing page.

The combination of accurate/layered targeting with the right creative can hit 10/10. Worth aiming that little bit higher.

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