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Our team will provide you with the best PPC strategy to ensure that you are able to generate consistent high-quality leads from your budget.
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Marketing revolves around trying to develop relationships with customers at the appropriate time. Pay Per Click marketing is a guaranteed way to have your brand exposed to people who are looking directly for the product or service your company provides. Through utilising professional PPC management services the quality of the traffic coming to your site will increase the number of conversions.

PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.


What We Provide

Campaign Report Management
Reports are essential throughout your PPC campaign in order to analyse your current market position and assess the appropriate PPC strategy to achieve positive results.

Better ROI
Our team will ensure that you improve your return on investment and brand. An efficient PPC campaign can see remarkable results for businesses which can result in substantial improvement on a company’s ROI.

Creation Of PPC Landing Pages
We know that simplicity is key when it comes to a good landing page. Good landing pages can be a critical element in companies seeing a substantial increase of conversions as a result of visitors to the site easily knowing how to navigate their way through the page.

Pay Per Click Ads Will Result In More Custom For Your Business

Landing Pages Which Are Focussed On Conversions

Regular Recommendations
We will regularly make recommendations regarding how your PPC campaign could run more efficiently. We will always stay on top of what the most appropriate keywords are for you to target.

Reduce The Cost Per Click Price
Our team will reduce the amount you are currently needing to pay on average per conversion. This will be done through improving the quality of lead coming to your site as a result of our keyword research and professional management of the bidding process.

We’ll Handle Everything
We will consistently make adjustments with regards to how much you are bidding on certain keywords, you don’t need to worry about the boring stuff. You can focus on the results!

Data Driven Campaigns
All of our PPC campaigns are data driven. Our analysts will thoroughly analyse the data regarding various elements of your campaign to determine the most appropriate techniques to implement.

Tracking Through Google Analytics

Monthly Reports Provided

Constant Cooperation With Client

Why Choose Jam Digital Marketing

Relationship Building

Establishing a strong relationship and connection with your brand will enable us to produce quality creative which resonates with your audience.

Our Team

Jam’s diverse team presents benefits to your brand’s objectives as this diversity produces insights of potential perceptions of creative etc. before they go to market. 

We Deliver

Jam have an extensive knowledge of social listening, this can allow us to determine conversations that are on the up whilst highlighting competitor directions.


Jam are dependable. You will have access to a team that can be relied upon and who are actively collaborative, ultimately making us an extension of your internal team.

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