Hyper Personalisation

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      So how does Hyper Personalisation work for you

      Hyper Personalisation will allow you to reach your target audience in a more intimate way and make you stand out from the crowd. 

      We will create personalisation at scale for you and at your business 

      We send LinkedIn and email campaigns with fully personalised images and gifs with the prospects name, image, logo etc to stand out from the crowd. This will catch their attention in a unique, tailored and personalised way. 

      Representing your brand and tone of voice we can go from super quirky & fun to more serious – whatever you are comfortable with!

      Personalisation at Scale

      What could this mean for you and your business? 

      At Jam Digital we are always innovating and we can provide you with a personalised integrated LinkedIn and Email Campaign service using a fully tailored approach to help your company achieve your sales goal! 

      By using a fully tailored approach we could help you by:

      • Using LinkedIn to connect with and warm up your prospects, in a friendly conversational manner
      • Send hyper personalised messages, images and videos to your target audience.
      • Once warmed up have a call to action
      • If not responded then use the email channel to engage further
      • This can be a new email address for you or an additional email address acting as your extended Business Development team

      Our experience gets you the results…

      With our innovative technology, we can make your brand stand out at scale with personalisation

      We Deliver An Average 200% Return On Investment For Our Clients.

      On average Jam Digital projects deliver Cost Per Conversion Reductions
      of 32%

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