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You may have been surprised by how quickly you and your business have adapted to the challenges of the last few months. Recent events have brought one consistent element to us all. Change. And it comes as no surprise that businesses with the cleanest bill of health have fully embraced digital marketing. To stay afloat, it is essential your brand remains visible – whilst keeping your community up-to-date – whether it be through social media interactions, email campaigns or promotional advertising. Predictably many companies have dialled down their marketing activity, in our opinion, this is not the time to be switching off your communications. Our work with a variety of clients has meant we’ve been able to watch a number of interesting results unfold. If you are still able to trade then read on and find out what Google Display Advertising could do for your sales pipeline. 

What are Google Display Ads?

You might have heard them called banner ads – Google Display ads focus on the visuals and graphics to encourage your target market to click through to your website, app or landing page. With 90% of web users will encountering Display ads you have a huge opportunity to engage with your target audience while they browse their favourite websites and apps. The key benefits here are brand awareness growth, leading to greater engagement and ultimately an increase in enquiries and sales. Google Display campaigns are quick to launch and provide the opportunity to easily monitor and measure campaign performance from the outset. 


Predictably Google has some major firepower when it comes to knowledge of internet users, and this means Digital Marketers like Jam have access to some powerful targeting options (if you know how to use them). Targeting can be based on user interests, behaviours and the products and services they are currently in market for. One key technique can allow you to target users similar to your competitors’ audiences. This can be particularly useful if your sector is seeing demand go beyond supply. The snippet below showcases the Google Display CPC results through April 2020 from one of our B2B campaigns on behalf of a national client.

The average cost per click (CPC) in this client’s industry is £0.44, with an average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.35%. These results are a clear indication of the health of their market sector and the relevancy of their campaign. As a result, this campaign is now being used as the basis of a much wider strategy to capture a majority share of their market. 

Ramp it Up

Everyone is aware of the restrictions and uncertainty across the globe at the moment. Therefore, it is vital that brands who can trade, stay consistent, become more visible and where possible fulfil customers needs. Some sectors are unable to trade right now, and some choose not to. These sectors include some of consumers’ best-loved products and services from fashion, travel, automotive, etc. The gaps left by these fan favourites mean there are more opportunities for those in the B2B, security, health and wellness, home improvement and personal development and training spheres, to name but a few. 

Seize the opportunity to engage with new customers and tap into new markets. Currently, costs are greatly reduced across most major platforms and now is the time to invest in your sales pipeline if you can trade.


If you have adapted and pivoted to improve your digital marketing activity then you will undoubtedly be seeing the benefits. If your activity so far hasn’t included Google Display, then we would highly recommend finding out more about what it can offer for your brand, especially with the low costs and super fast turnaround times on offer. 

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