Frequently Asked Questions

At Jam Digital, we are a transparent and open team, which makes working with us easy. We have created the list below of frequently asked questions, design to help you learn more about our business, what services we offer and what you can expect if you work with us. 

We have done our best to answer regular questions we are asked, if you have another question please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Where are you based?

We have offices in Glasgow (HQ), London and Manchester.

What are your working hours?

We work Monday to Friday 8:45 am – 5 pm 

What services do Jam Digital Offer?

Our digital services are; social media management, making creative content, PPC, Website Optimisation, Digital Advertising and coaching. 

Coaching is a service we offer if you aren’t ready to outsource your digital marketing yet but we can train you up on the skills you need to do it yourself!

Why should I outsource to a Digital Marketing Agency?

By Outsourcing, this would allow your business to utilise different channels, stay ahead of your competition and provide the assurance of a positive return on investment (ROI). 

Here at Jam Digital, we have a substantial track record with a number of innovative brands by working as an extension of their team. 

How long do I need to commit to Jam Digital?

We would ask all our clients to commit for a minimum term, usually 3 months. This then gives campaigns a sufficient amount of time to acquire data and allows our team to implement the agreed digital marketing strategy, which will generate the results you want. If you are then happy with the results you are receiving, you can extend into a longer-term partnership.

How will Jam Digital understand my business?

Understanding your business is something we take very seriously at Jam. We dedicate the time to get to know you and the business. We start this in the onboarding process and then your Marketing Manager will take time to research your business, industry and competitors. 

Do we get to choose who we want to manage our account?

Having managed thousands of campaigns our strategy team will assign who we feel is the best fit for your objectives and aim. We want to make sure we are representing your company expertly and will dedicate the most appropriate person from our team to your account, taking a wide variety of factors into account.

Are there any additional or hidden costs for a digital marketing project at Jam?

There will be no hidden costs with Jam Digital. Additional costs that some businesses don’t account for are advertising spend for example Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc. These are billed separately to your management fee and will be discussed with you in full before any agreement is sent for your approval.  

How quickly will I start seeing results when working with Jam?

This all depends on what industry you are in, your ad budget and what channels you want to use. Results can come in from the first day of live campaign activity. Typically we see the greatest result begin to arrive at the 3-month stage, after optimisation and extensive collaboration. 

How often would you report on my campaigns?

Depending on which package you choose with us, it would be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Along with this, we provide weekly update calls.

What happens if we don’t get the results that we are looking for?

In the onboarding process, we can discuss what success looks like for you and we can estimate what our campaigns could achieve for you. We have a wide variety of techniques and strategies and will stop at nothing to find the best solution to deliver excellent results for your business. This means that we will adapt and adjust any aspect of a campaign which doesn’t achieve our combined objectives.  

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