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If you aren’t ready to hand the reins over to an agency, but desperate to up your knowledge and skills on digital marketing, our you should take a look at our coaching sessions. You can gain impressive skills in any aspect of social media, SEO, Pay Per Click, design and digital advertising, guided by a dedicated marketing expert every step of the way.
Here at Jam, we are committed to sharing knowledge and techniques, to enable you to enhance your in-house expertise. We tailor our approach to meet each client’s requirements, whether it’s a 6 week-partnership programme, a week-long digital Bootcamp or a couple of hours social media training. Every business is different, therefore we fit in the times and dates that suit you and your workload.

Why Invest in Digital Marketing Coaching?

Our coaching sessions will enhance your techniques and skills, giving you the capabilities and confidence to execute your own unique marketing strategy. Investing in these skills can save businesses money as some companies make the mistake of investing in the wrong strategies and platforms. Having a digital marketing coach ensures no time-wasting on strategies that won’t benefit your business and instead focuses on the things that will bring you the most success. Effectively saves time as you don’t need to research for the information yourself. Our team’s knowledge base is constantly evolving so that we can share and coach you on any aspect of Digital Marketing. 

78% of people felt their knowledge and ability increased as a result of effective Digital Marketing coaching sessions.


Step 1 – Information: 

We begin all our coaching sessions with a chat about your business, current concerns and what you want to achieve from the coaching sessions with Jam Digital. We will take a deep dive into your current strategy, investigating competitors and exploring all potential opportunities for your business.

Step 2 – Imagination: 

Together we will hold a strategy session where we can share build a structure and timeline to take your business forward. We will forecast based on seasonality, competitor threats, and will deliver creative concepts that will have the greatest impact. Everything will be tailored to your budget, resources and capabilities. 

Step 3 – Intent:

The purpose of all of this investment and effort is to deliver a campaign that brings you ongoing success. You will leave the coaching sessions with plenty of ideas and the new skills to get your digital marketing strategy implemented right away. 

We know that digital marketing is constantly changing so we not only coach you on the current knowledge and skills but teach you how to develop new techniques and actively learn on an ongoing basis.

Step 4 – Analysis:

Within the analysis session, we will give you feedback on what you have accomplished so far. Sharing your current results with us since taking the coaching can be beneficial to see how much you have improved your skills and using this analysis we can help you optimise campaigns to further improve your results. 

These sessions can also troubleshoot and address any problems you are experiencing, answering any further Digital Marketing questions you may have.

Why Choose Jam Digital Marketing

Relationship Building

Establishing a strong relationship and connection with your brand will enable us to produce quality creative which resonates with your audience.

Our Team

Jam’s diverse team presents benefits to your brand’s objectives as this diversity produces insights of potential perceptions of creative etc. before they go to market. 

We Deliver

Jam have an extensive knowledge of social listening, this can allow us to determine conversations that are on the up whilst highlighting competitor directions.


Jam are dependable. You will have access to a team that can be relied upon and who are actively collaborative, ultimately making us an extension of your internal team.

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