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“70% of B2C marketers use video, 82% of B2B marketers report success when using video”
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Digital advertising is now the predominant technique used in order for companies to pitch to potential clients. Digital ads are now so commonly used that people occasionally won’t even realise that what they are looking at on their device is a digital advert.

62% of people say they have been influenced to buy something by watching a video online.


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    How We Use Digital Advertising For Our Clients

    In modern business, remarketing has become incredibly popular. The internet has made it easier than ever to reach out to potential clients who have been in contact with your brand before. Remarketing puts your brand back in front of the potential consumer, in the hope that they will get a reminder and go back onto your website to complete a purchase.

    YouTube Advertising
    Why would a business advertise through YouTube? Think about it. You’ve probably watched a video at some point today, and if you haven’t you probably will before you fall asleep this evening.

    Video is popular, and it is likely to be much more engaging for potential consumers than a newspaper advert would be.

    YouTube content will also help with your website’s SEO performance. Linking your YouTube advertisements with your website will result in Google ranking your website more favourably. This is for two reasons. Google perceives videos as being high quality, and videos are more likely to be shared so your site will have more backlinks pointing towards it boosting its ranks.

    Digital Graphics

    Digital graphics are essential in order for your business to stand out online. In order for your company to achieve relevant traffic coming to your website it is vital they are attracted through eye catching adverts.

    Fortunately, our design team at Jam Digital will ensure you have high quality graphics as part of your campaigns.

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      Why Choose Jam Digital Marketing

      Relationship Building

      Establishing a strong relationship and connection with your brand will enable us to produce quality creative which resonates with your audience.

      Our Team

      Jam’s diverse team presents benefits to your brand’s objectives as this diversity produces insights of potential perceptions of creative etc. before they go to market. 

      We Deliver

      Jam have an extensive knowledge of social listening, this can allow us to determine conversations that are on the up whilst highlighting competitor directions.


      Jam are dependable. You will have access to a team that can be relied upon and who are actively collaborative, ultimately making us an extension of your internal team.

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