87% of marketers use Facebook’s platform for advertising, the reason the platform is so popular is due to the fact that Facebook regularly creates and enhances advertising products to help businesses get better results. One advanced feature is Facebook Dynamic Ads, which takes remarketing to the next level. Our blog explores the key benefits of Facebook Dynamic Ads and why every business should utilise this digital advertising feature. 

What are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

They automatically promote the right products to the right people, who have expressed interest in your website. Dynamic Ads can retarget visitors who have been looking at your products online however did not complete a purchase.

Research shows that retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert. You can create personalised campaigns targeting these consumers, showing them the products they viewed and similar products, this will in turn create awareness and increase the chances of them going back on the website to buy. 

To start creating the ads, you can upload your product catalogue onto Facebook Business Manager then set up your campaign. Once the campaign is up, you can monitor it and it will continue to work for you as long as you keep it running. Facebook will target the correct consumers for each product or service with up to date pricing and availability. The Dynamic Ads will show on the users’ Facebook feed, Instagram feeds and stories, marketplaces, right columns and Messenger. The imagery of the products is very important as you want to attract the target audience in each of these mediums. So make sure your images for each product are suitably eye-catching.


What are the benefits of using Facebook Dynamic Ads?
One of the best features of these ads, is how relevant and personalised the ads are to the consumers, as it will be people who have visited your website before and already have an interest in your business, therefore easy to convert them into customers. Also a great option with these ads is to target people who used to visit your website but have perhaps drifted away. 

Another benefit of using Facebook Dynamic Ads is that you are retargeting across multiple devices and mediums. Userswill see the ads on their Facebook feed, Messenger, Instagram stories etc alongside their favourite content.

You can also cross-sell and upsell to previous customers, therefore increasing loyalty and helping increase sales and lifetime value, by showing them new products similar to the ones they have purchased previously. Finally, one key benefit that marketers love, is that with  Facebook Dynamic Ads it will remove out of stock items! The product catalog feed tells Facebook whether a product is in stock or not, and it will remove the ad itself. This feature helps avoid upsetting potential customers.  


Why use Dynamic Ads for your business?

Facebook Dynamic Ads aren’t just a great way to get engagement from past customers and visitors, they are helpful in finding and attracting new customers too. These ads can get your business more engagement, more traffic to your website and can help you scale up your campaigns with confidence. 

Dynamic ads work especially well for retail brands where they have a large product offering. However, you don’t just need that level of stock to use Dynamic Ads:

  • Do you have product lines? 
  • Do you have a range of different products? 
  • Do you sell 2-5 products that are similar to one another?

If you do, then Facebook Dynamic Ads can work to help increase your sales. Whether you run an e-commerce store with a large product catalog or you are a small business with a smaller product catalog, Dynamic Ads will help you optimise your campaigns and increase your conversion rates. 


How can Jam Digital implement FB Dynamic Ads into your marketing strategy?

Partnering with Jam Digital can offer your business the opportunity to optimise your time and budget by bringing our social media experts on board. With our know-how and your expert knowledge of your product, we can deliver high performing campaigns. 

For more information and advice on Digital Marketing contact Jam Digital Marketing today on 0330 094 7323, email: info@jamdigitalmarketing.co.uk


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