Using hashtags on your Facebook posts can help your brand increase content visibility and attract new community members to your brand page. Hashtags on Facebook first launched back in 2013 with a big update in 2016 however they never really took off or made much difference to people’s engagement and reach, until now. 

Facebook has recently updated their hashtag feature and has been encouraging users to add hashtags to their posts to improve their organic reach. Facebook has created something similar to Instagram’s hashtag post feed page where users can click on a hashtag then see a newsfeed with all public posts using that hashtag. People can use this to discover and engage with trending discussions, which is great for brands that want to be front and centre. Throughout this blog, we will explore how brands can use hashtags effectively on Facebook to increase their organic reach. 

Top Tips For Using Hashtags On Facebook In 2021

Before you start using Hashtags for your post, you need to research and find the perfect hashtag for your brand or products. It isn’t as simple as thinking of a few relevant hashtags when you think about your content, you’ll need to make sure any hashtag you use is relevant and popular allowing the content to get more visibility. Some examples of popular hashtags just now; #facebooklive, #photooftheday #trending. It’s good practice to do competitor analysis on hashtags on any social media channel, including Facebook. To do this, simply find your competitors Facebook pages and browse their recent content, are they using hashtags? Explore which ones they are using and how many each time and decide if those hashtags are getting good engagement. This will help build a shortlist of hashtags you don’t want to miss out on and become part of your posts on Facebook. 

Can Hashtags Increase Your Organic Reach In 2021?

Now the basics are covered on how to research hashtags, here are 5 top tips from Jam Digital to using hashtags on Facebook:

  1. Don’t use spaces – A common mistake some marketers fall into is using spaces to separate words in their hashtag (#Social Media). If you leave a space between the words then the full phrase won’t count as the hashtag only the first word. The correct way to do this is #SocialMedia – this way Facebook will pick up on this and show your content to anyone following or looking at this hashtag phrase. 
  2. Use hashtags in sentences – By using hashtags in your sentences naturally, it is more visibly appealing than saying the phrase twice within the post. For example, B2B marketing is on the increase #B2Bmarketing instead this could read #B2Bmarketing is on the increase. 
  3. Only use a handful of hashtags -You should never overload your posts with hashtags as this could do more harm than good. If you have a couple of hashtags you want to try out then it’s best to test a few at a time or perform an a/b test approach as to what post gets better engagement and the only difference being the hashtags. If you want to learn more about a/b testing, read our blog – Why You Must Include A/B Testing In Your Social Media Strategy. A study on Facebook found that content with one or two hashtags had the most interactions with 3-5 hashtags as a close second, this demonstrating that Facebook posts with fewer hashtags tend to perform better. 
  4. Only use relevant hashtags – People tend to fall into the trap of using popular hashtags on their content however it is not relevant to your brand or post then don’t use it. If someone is exploring hashtags and your post pops up but it is super irrelevant then it could make your brand look unreputable. You only want hashtags that your target audience is going to follow and engage with.
  5. Check your privacy settings – You need to make sure when posting content that your target audience and Facebook fans can see it therefore need to make sure you aren’t limiting your reach and have your Facebook page is set to public not private. By doing it makes it possible for users who don’t follow your page to see your hashtags content when browsing their feed.

Facebook Hashtags help to create a community 

If running a campaign or using a branded hashtag with your Facebook posts then you should encourage your followers to do the same. If you are promoting something then this will help share it and can build a community of loyal customers for your brand. If a housebuilder wants to build a community on Facebook then they could use #buildwithus on all their posts and videos and get their Facebook followers and customers involved by encouraging them to share the hashtag too. When first using the initial post with the hashtag it will be found in Facebook search, then as more people view it, potential and existing customers might be incentivised to get involved and use that hashtag to improve the reach of their own posts to do with their home journey. By doing this it can build an engaged community group on Facebook. 

One of the best hashtag campaigns was Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke and the idea behind it was that Coca-Cola wanted to build an online community to share their coke bottles with names and titles on them which drove a massive number of sales and generated thousands of user-generated content (UGC) on all social media channels. The #ShareACoke hashtag is still being used to this day. 

Hashtags Keep Your Brand Consistent 

Whether you’re using other channels to promote your business; Twitter, email marketing or YouTube – it makes sense to keep all your hashtags the same across all platforms. Hashtags make your multi-channel campaigns consistent which helps build a strong brand. Research shows that brands being consistent has proven to influence an average 23% revenue increase. Therefore don’t limit your hashtag usage to one communication channel and attempt with potential customers, use them on Facebook too to make your multi-channel campaigns consistent. 

Creating a brand Hashtag can help with consistency, for example, KitKat uses their tagline as its main hashtag #HaveABreak. Their customers identify their brand with this hashtag and don’t even need to see the brand name to know who it is. Customers use the hashtag as part of their online community where KitKat uses it to engage with their audience and respond to mentions. To make sure your brand stands out, do your research and create a hashtag that is totally unique to your business. 

How to measure your hashtag results on Facebook? 

Just like anything new to your marketing strategy you need to figure out if the changes you have made is working and paying off. After a month of using your new hashtag, it is best to analyse how is it doing, this can be done easily using the Facebook Insights feature. You can simply go to your insights tab from your brand page then click posts. This will give you a simple breakdown of the engagement rate and total reach post by post. 

Can Hashtags Increase Your Organic Reach In 2021?

When looking at all the data, you need to determine if your Facebook posts performed better with or without hashtags or if you are testing different hashtags out using an a/b test approach then determining which hashtag got the better reach and engagement. If you aren’t getting better results then you need to ask why? It could be because you aren’t using the hashtags as much to build a connection or may be used too many hashtags in one post. If you are seeing better results by using hashtags on Facebook then look closely at the data in your insights report and see what certain hashtags perform the best and determine how many to use in each post going forward. 


Unlike hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, Facebook hashtags have a unique function and brands need to plan and use them strategically. There is so much competition online so any opportunity to interact with followers and grow your reach is crucial. By Facebook creating the hashtag feed it enables brands to engage with their online community and increase their customer base. 

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