3 Benefits of Marketing on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn – the professional social media platform, connecting you and your business with professionals across the globe. Utilising LinkedIn as a digital marketing tool is a MUST when working in the B2B world. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to build brand awareness across key professional audiences, letting you reach decision-makers directly. Our blog explores 3 you can tap into by adding LinkedIn to your digital marketing strategy. 

Brand Awareness

A social platform with over 675 million active users per month, LinkedIn lets you showcase your brand and your own professional profile on a global scale. Organic reach and interaction is part of the day to day, however, if you choose to tap into the advertising features of LinkedIn you can expect to see some major increase in the number of eyes on your brand. If you are going for scale and your brand has potential widespread appeal, you will have access to 12% of the population at any time. With digital marketing, you can boost your results, or pause at any time. Flexibility is a major advantage if for instance, you are seeing demand outweigh supply. 


The targeting options available through LinkedIn’s various tools are second to none when it comes to reaching business decision-makers. LinkedIn allows you to specify your audience through job title, location, seniority, company etc, in any number of combinations. For example, if you wish to connect with senior management in the oil and gas industry, it can be done in minutes. Keeping your audience segments refined and your content relevant is the best way to ensure high levels of engagement

Use LinkedIn to reach new audiences, and also to remain connected with existing clients, prospects and colleagues. Showcasing your recent work, joining conversations from other publishers and sharing relevant articles will enhance your personal brand in the eyes of LinkedIn’s machine learning. When reaching out to new connections, personalise connection requests and take time to find out more about the individuals you are contacting. 

With a LinkedIn presence, your audience can easily access your brand and gain a fuller understanding of your goals, values and personality. This visibility creates a stronger sense of trust and ultimately increases interactions and results. 


As a part of the Microsoft family LinkedIn’s campaign tools allow you to accurately monitor your campaign’s performance. This allows you to make real-time alterations and enhancements, ensuring your campaigns are fully optimised. You should look to learn from all results and deploy these learnings into each new piece of content. LinkedIn is people focussed whilst providing the opportunity to work at scale. That means you must be aligned with your data. Your audience will likely end up in the thousands, so a topline approach to campaign metrics will help you stay focused. 


Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to reach and connect with audiences you’d like to do business with, quickly and at high volumes. Going live with campaigns on LinkedIn means your business can establish brand-prospect relationships across the globe if need be. With a strong online presence, your prospects can easily gain an understanding of your business and start conversations that can lead to increased new business opportunities. As with many digital marketing platforms, there are some powerful tools, and if you can master the usage of them you will quickly be in a position to generate some excellent results. 

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