Cut Cost Per Lead by 91.88% Using Social Media Marketing

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Life has changed substantially in the last few months for all of us. Whilst we navigate through unchartered waters, now is not the time to stay still. Every company owner, marketing brand manager should be looking at how they stay connected with their audiences. Every single brand must continue to communicate, staying visible and staying connected. Unfortunately, it can’t be said that every brand should continue to promote their services/products. It’s important to make a distinction in digital marketing between communicating and advertising. Staying visible vs promoting/selling. This piece is aimed at those companies that are still able to trade, and perhaps need some guidance in adapting their marketing strategies in the current context. 

Your target audience will most likely be spending more time on their devices, and this gives you an opportunity to connect, and an obligation to serve. Coincidentally there have been some major players dialling down their digital marketing advertising spend, Fashion, Travel, Hospitality have all understandably reduced investment in marketing. The gap left by these brands opens up some major space for ramping up your campaigns at greatly reduced costs. To back this up, take a look at the 91.88% reduction in cost per lead one Jam Digital Marketing are delivering for a key client in the B2B arena, the snippet below is taken from their Facebook Lead Generation Campaign comparing performance in the last week with the week in mid-March. 



The target was to keep the cost per lead under £25. With the current climate, our client has been able to provide a range of products and services with minimal impact on their supply chain and delivery times. This campaign is now being ramped up to grab an even greater share of the market, keeping their clients open for business and keeping their customers satisfied.

Be Open – Stay Open

The current situation has released huge uncertainty across every sphere of our lives, and it’s important to be aware of the effect this has on markets. A few short weeks ago panic buying led to shortages of many everyday essentials. This has created a default element of doubt in many buyers minds. If you are still open for business then factor this into your messaging. For any active orders or open projects be open from the outset, your customers and clients will be aware that you will be operating with a number of restrictions.

Set sensible turnaround times, and if these become unachievable communicate the matter swiftly. More broadly speaking, your website and your social media presence are crucial marketing tools and act as your shop front and public message board rolled into one. Publish on social media frequently, if you have an issue with supply matching demand be open about it. There are a number of positive ways to manage this (proverbial hotcakes comes to mind).

Advertising of any kind should always be measured and assessed to ensure it’s adding value to your business. When it comes to digital marketing the results can be instantaneous and this crucially means you can dial up and dial down your spend in line with performance and conversion rates. For brands and business who are able to trade at the moment, we say ‘don’t stand still and wait for this to pass’. Hold your nerve, invest in your marketing and accelerate through this. 

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