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Baby Boomers and Video Marketing

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Baby Boomers

How are boomers perceived by the marketing industry? They are a generation who hold a strong work ethic while being extremely independent, thus leading them to be both financially stable and fearless. Pairing a strong sense of independence with high purchasing power has meant Baby Boomers won’t shy away from embracing new things, such as online shopping and social media sharing, despite what later generations may think.

The online habits of those born between 1946 and 1964 can often be misconstrued with many marketers believing this generation remain behind the curve when it comes to adopting internet usage. Research proves this is far from the truth. As ‘The Original Teenagers’, this generation holds characteristics which are often absent from their descendants. Baby Boomers, born after the Second World War, are noted to be resilient, hard-working and family-focused. Many ‘digital marketing experts’ would do well to take note of these powerful traits.


96% of this group regularly access the world wide web. A generation of avid readers, 80% regularly use the internet to increase their knowledge of specific topics, meanwhile, a further 10% regularly use their relatively high disposable income by shopping online. Currently, they spend an average of 27 hours per week online. Thus, greatly growing brands’ opportunities to attract their attention through digital marketing. With all of this activity, it’s a surprise that digital marketing campaigns often fail to personalise content and targeting for this audience. Does your brand have a digital marketing strategy targeting Baby Boomers?

Social Media

Spending more time online per week than they do watching television, Baby Boomers have a solid presence across a number of social networking sites, Youtube and Facebook are the most popular with this generation. The social networking habits of those over 55 regularly involve interacting with friends and family and finding and sharing information on products or services they are interested in. Consequently, they have become the generation most likely to share content on social media.


Whilst this group share a huge amount of video content they’ve sourced or encountered, they are also incredibly responsive to Video as an advertising format in Digital Marketing campaigns. Video ads are now 200% more likely to have an impact on this generation than television advertisements. They generate high click-through rates (CTR) as 41% state that they will click on a video to learn more, and 32% claim they actively share video content they find useful.


This audience profile has shifted substantially over the years, as Baby Boomers have become far more digitally savvy. When it comes to a digital marketing strategy for this generation, focus efforts on ensuring your content provides them with what they want – information. Load them with knowledge about the product/services’ purpose, functions etc.

In terms of demographics, age should not be a sole targeting factor. Ensure you segment into groups for each campaign based on a combination of other factors, e.g. interests, behaviours, location etc. We’ve established that Facebook and Youtube are key platforms for delivering impactful campaigns. These platforms offer excellent Return on Investment (ROI) for digital marketers and allow you to launch a wide variety of campaigns quickly and efficiently. 

Consider how you will present your content. As previously mentioned, video content receives the highest interaction from Baby Boomers. Using video captures the attention of your audience for longer, with 95% of the information being retained compared to 10% of text information, increasing the opportunity for your audience to remember your product over competitors. Using video can also encourage traffic to your website. This group have high CTRs and often share with their personal networks – driving increased earned traffic to your site.

Baby Boomers have outstanding purchasing power, therefore, ignoring the opportunity to tailor content for them is a major risk. 

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