PPC + SEO, are both powerful stand-alone channels when working together fluidly can produce an even stronger output in digital marketing.

“Why should I bid on my brand terms, when I have the top spot in organic search?” The truth is, if you are not bidding on your branded terms, you are leaving the door wide open for your competitors to bid on your branded terms (often for a lower cost). If you are only focusing on just one strategy (e.g. PPC only or SEO only), you are losing out on the value that using PPC (Google Ads + Microsoft Ads) and SEO (organic reach) together can bring to your marketing strategy. These two channels help control your brand story, and can support you in directing the search engine landscape for your key terms.

Here are 5 ways to effectively use SEO + PPC together:

Increasing visibility connects these two strategies together within digital marketing.

While earned, owned, and paid are all important to your digital marketing strategy, PPC + SEO facilitate all levels of the digital marketing. Paid media is a great way to promote your brand and message to your target audience. Great SEO and content strategies are the most controllable elements of your digital marketing strategy. Using the channels together can generate greater brand awareness and brand association online.

Did you know that 93% of online research begins with a search engine! This highlights the importance of having a presence in this area and ensuring you have the right digital marketing strategy.

Sharing PPC + SEO keyword data helps obtain full coverage across search demand. A coordinated keyword strategy is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of these two channels. Good long-tail keywords are hard to discover in PPC, but they are great candidates for SEO as you can build content around these terms without sacrificing PPC budget or traffic. Non-branded terms might be hard to rank for given increased competition, but could be good candidates to add to PPC ensuring you have coverage on those terms. Having a blended strategy across search will help supply high traffic and high converting.

SEO is known to be one of the most effective channels and has some of the most engaged traffic, however it does tend to be neglected.

Savvy marketers are already working to integrate SEO completely into their marketing strategy. In PPC, you constantly have to monitor what your competitors are doing. When you create content (organic search/SEO), you own your brand story and control how you optimise that content according to SEO best practices (Keywords, Meta data, H1 tags etc).

The power of data visualization is key in getting stakeholders to understand the message you are trying to convey and how each digital marketing channel is performing both organically and paid.

PPC + SEO share similar KPIs so you can set shared goals across channels. You can then report insights as you learn how the channels play together in regard to your industry, website performance, and competitive landscape.

Providing a consistent message across marketing strategies improves consumer journey and promotes brand loyalty.

A consistent message is a great way to bring PPC + SEO together to help drive the best results for your brand. There are several ways to implement a consistent message across both PPC + SEO. First, review ad copy to ensure the target keyword is included within the text of the ad copy and in the display URL of your PPC ad. Next, you should assess landing pages to make sure they have a high relevance to target keywords. Use a similar message in the meta description that is in PPC ad copy.

Providing a consistent message is required in order to accomplish a great digital footprint as there is just too much competition in today’s digital world. A consistent message improves consumer journey and promotes brand loyalty. If you can increase the trust in your brand, both from a consumer and search engine point of view, you will see improved ROI across all channels, not just PPC + SEO.

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