Digital marketing has become an essential part of any successful business, whether it’s a startup business or a well-known brand. During these uncertain times, it’s natural for businesses to be more cautious about what they spend their time and money on. However, brands must stay at the forefront of the mind of their audiences and stay active, for example on social media. Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency allows businesses to utilise different channels with the assurance of a positive return on investment (ROI). 

Outsource Digital Marketing
Utilising digital marketing campaigns allows you to easily target and engage with diverse markets at scale. This wide reach allows you to effectively grow your brand awareness and by outsourcing, you can save your business time as well as money. To be ahead of your competition, investing in a strong digital marketing plan is a good decision for your business, whether that be to partially or completely outsource your marketing to a digital marketing agency. In this blog, we will highlight 5 reasons why: 

Optimise your time and budget by outsourcing your digital marketing

Working with an agency can reduce overall costs by eliminating staff training or recruiting new talent. It can be challenging to retain full-time marketing staff as they find a lack of diversity with working with one single brand. The continuous process of replacing staff and training comes with a lot of costs, whereas by outsourcing to a digital marketing agency they have refined services that are ready for execution from Month 1. When Digital agencies take on new clients, they feel like they are part of their client’s marketing team, therefore, will be highly driven to perform well without having to boost their motivation with incentives or bonuses. 

By outsourcing to a digital marketing agency, not only can businesses save money but time as well. By handing over your social media activity or your Google Ads activity to a digital marketing agency you can enable your employees to dedicate time to concentrate on other tasks. Most in-house marketing teams would usually spend time on creative ideas, scheduling content and monitoring campaigns. However, by partnering with a digital marketing agency they will take on the responsibility of scheduling and uploading content for social media or web and monitoring and analysing campaigns. For us at Jam Digital, we have monthly “creative session” calls with our clients so we can go over their marketing strategy for that month or quarter and how we can help them implement those ideas into effective campaigns. Depending on the client’s package they then get weekly/fortnightly calls and reports to go over the success of their active campaigns. We can grow our clients brand awareness and increase trust from their audience by creating fresh, relevant content that is relevant to them. The best digital marketing agencies move at pace, with precision and this can lead to your campaigns generating results in a short time frame. 

Partnering with experts

Outsourcing digital marketing gives your brand the opportunity to work with industry experts. Employees at leading digital marketing agencies are specialists who work across diverse accounts, multiple industries, brands and bring a broad spectrum of expertise. Digital marketing is evolving all the time therefore by outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency it will reduce the need for your business to continually train your employees ever time there is a new digital marketing essential.

Digital marketing agencies employ specialists, meaning they have extensive knowledge and experience. They know how to focus specifically on an audience instead of capturing an entire cities population, bringing the client high quality clicks with in turn can provide new potential customers, guaranteeing high conversion rates and sales. As a result of their expertise, digital marketing agencies have the ability to produce high-quality campaigns whilst being able to constructively monitor and analyse results and findings. Can quickly see if the campaigns are working or if they need to be adapted to get the desired results.

As a business owner or someone who is around the brand all the time, sometimes this is too close to the picture, therefore, could be overlooking crucial details that could make a difference in the company’s growth. By outsourcing a digital marketing agency, they will have a fresh perspective, and look at your company’s marketing strategy with a fresh pair of eyes which could spark insightful details that could generate more income. All agencies will start off with clients by conducting an audit, whether that be their social media channels or their website. This audit will show areas which are doing well but can also identify errors and areas to improve on.

Enhance your digital footprint 

Businesses need to stand out in this digital era, it is important that companies big or small make their digital footprint a main priority. As the digital world is evolving constantly, having fresh and creative ideas is required to keep your target audiences interested and engaged with your brand. It is essential you keep active on your social media channels and engage with your customers. 

Some companies will struggle to do this all on their own and keep up with the day to day running of their business. To help increase company revenue and establish a digital footprint you can outsource your digital marketing to an agency. They would come with content ideas, strategy, scheduling content, analysing data and reporting. Not only does this provide businesses with multiple advantages, but also a good option is your budget is constrained, as hiring in-house can be more expensive than paying a digital marketing agency. For us at Jam Digital Marketing, based in Glasgow, London and Manchester, when we get new clients on board we treat them like we are part of their marketing team. Our team’s range of experience and knowledge will help any business grow their digital footprint. 

Better Results

Why spend hours of your own time going through different digital marketing campaigns with little results? By getting a professional on board with the experience and knowledge that will do this work for you, however, will achieve better results. Many companies don’t recognise the full power that digital marketing has if neglected businesses will risk falling behind their competitors. When you hire a digital marketing agency, you are insured your investment is in the right place. As the marketing agency will solely focus on making sure you get more business and the results you paid for, plus more. Saving time and money while growing the company with experts on board. By outsourcing digital marketing to an agency, it will increase the business Return on Investment (ROI), the talent in the agency will assure your investment doesn’t go futile. As digital marketing experts, agency teams usually spend time learning new skills and improving their techniques in line with any digital updates. 

Jam Digital marketing has a high success rate of ROI for our clients, we are more science than art, we ideate, conceptualise, create and brainstorm. We select target audiences at pinpoint accuracy and create informed personalised and impactful campaigns. On average Jam Digital projects deliver a 200% Return on Investment for our clients.


In house marketing teams can sometimes put reporting and analysing of their campaigns on the back burner if they are busy with other things. A good agency has systems in place to monitor timelines, budgets and deliverables. Along with this, they will review the digital strategy future optimise the results and potential of the active campaigns. For an agency, one of their main goals is to improve their clients ROI, this is why they go the extra mile to maintain transparency with their client when reporting. From the report, the client will be able to see the quantum of their investment and what channels the campaigns are being implemented. The reports enable the client to track ROI trends and see if they are aligning to the business aims and objectives. 

By providing clients with reports and data, the digital marketing agency you bring in will be able to see what is working well and what is not working in your digital strategy. They will not only give you this information but if something isn’t working they will give their thoughts on how to improve it. Depending on the package you have with the agency will determine if your reporting is weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even quarterly. 

Outsource Digital Marketing


Outsourcing digital marketing brings fresh talent to rejuvenate your business. No matter what industry your business is in, digital marketing is needed to stay at the forefront of your audience’s mind. Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency allows you to onboard a highly skilled and experienced marketing team to implement and monitor your digital marketing campaigns. Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency allows businesses to utilize different channels with the assurance of a positive return on investment (ROI), and also save your business time and money. 

To be ahead of your competitors, staying up to date with current industry trends is crucial however some businesses won’t have time for this like digital agencies. Insights into your sector are essential and as the agency, they would be impartial to you while providing opinions and ideas on how to increase profits for your business. 

Our team at Jam Digital help our clients improve their visibility online and increase the amount of traffic and inbound leads they get through their website using SEO, PPC, Social Media and online marketing techniques. We dedicate time to ensuring that we fully understand your brand before we develop the most suitable strategy for your business to implement online. Our team will look for ways to ensure your brand’s online visibility improves by accurately targeting your consumers to help put you ahead of your competition. The digital marketing strategies and online advertising campaigns that we implement will increase your sales opportunities which will result in you having a more profitable business.

Jam Digital

If you need support or advice with your digital marketing strategy, Jam Digital can help. Outsourcing to Jam can offer your business the opportunity to optimise your time and budget through partnering with our team of experts, ultimately we will generate the best results for your business.

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