5 Marketing Campaigns in the Coronavirus Context

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Communities have united in the battle against the spread of Coronavirus, and the business and marketing communities have played a part in this. Businesses have been forced to adapt in order to stay connected with their customers. Here are five examples of well-known brands that have adjusted their marketing campaigns quickly to the current situation. Let us know if you think they have pivoted successfully?


Dominos have altered their marketing campaign to showcase how they are doing their bit to support the nation during these difficult times. The pizza giants have been delivering pizzas for free to NHS workers as they work to fight the pandemic. The company is also getting ready to implement contactless delivery, meaning while ordering you can opt for a designated area for your delivery to be left, eliminating contact with the delivery driver. These efforts mean Dominos can continue to serve their community, keeping smiles on peoples faces, meanwhile their customers feel encouraged to choose them over competitors as a consequence of their alterations. 



In a bid to support consumers in the fight against the global pandemic, the Co-op has chosen to adapt the content scheduled for their previously allocated airtime. The brand adapted its marketing to show how they are contributing to charities battling against the virus. This ad appears in the style of a video call, mirroring the format most of us find familiar by now. Other campaigns by the brand showcase their support for frontline workers. Have they managed to highlight the sentiment that we are in this together and that they are playing their part? 


As a health brand, it is appropriate that during the current situation Vitality remain incredibly visible – and they are. During the lockdown period, Vitality is using ambassador marketing to keep their community connected and motivated. The brand is utilising their social media channels to reach out to their members by posting encouraging videos. Their video content involves meal prep ideas, fitness routines and more. Through keeping their community entertained the brand aim to ensure their members remain connected with the brand and adapt positively to unique times. These videos encourage people to be proactive and remain connected, keeping positivity high.


Budweiser opted to remind us that during these times it is important to communicate with loved ones, even from a distance. Their repurposed Wassup campaign entails friends phoning to check in on each other whilst sharing a love for the Budweiser product. This lighthearted approach helps us focus on the positives and reminds us that we are together through these times and we will make it through as long as we are there for each other. 



A fitness wear brand that doesn’t hold back on their advertising messages, Nike have done it again. A slow-paced advert, yet one which holds your attention. The brand has launched its Play for the World campaign. This campaign showcases how their athletes are remaining focused and in shape whilst being at home. This inspiring campaign then moves on to share some user-generated content of how its customers are doing the same. Throughout, the campaign shares the subtle yet powerful message of that whilst we are not playing in teams or supporting our countries athletes, by staying home we are playing for a bigger team, we are “Playing for the World”. This advert encourages togetherness from a distance and aims to motivate us to help each other in this fight by staying home. 


Each of our reviewed brands shares a commonality amongst their campaigns, they promote togetherness and support from a distance, important during these times. Each brand has been seen to take an empathetic approach, meanwhile, there are few brands taking bold, creative and proactive approaches. With the situation still fresh and some uncertainty commonplace, do you think these brands have taken the right steps with their marketing strategy? 

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