LinkedIn isn’t everyone’s first thought when you mention digital advertising or social media advertising however it is a marketing channel that all B2B brands should be utilising and advertising on. LinkedIn is the professional social media platform, connecting you and your business with professionals across the globe. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to build brand awareness across key professional audiences, letting you reach decision-makers directly.

76% of marketers say targeting options are the most important factor when choosing an advertising format. LinkedIn advertising has proved to be a valuable marketing tool for many marketers, Whether your goal is to generate leads, build brand awareness or drive sales, LinkedIn has the ability to reach different audiences through their different ad formats and targeting. LinkedIn has many unique advantages and depending on your business and marketing goals could be the right channel to use to help your business attract new customers and grow. Our blog outlines 5 benefits of using Linkedin advertising and how to add it into your digital marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Advertising Ad Formats

If you are already advertising on other social media platforms, you will be familiar with commonly used ad formats. Like its competitor’s platforms, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to use sponsored ads to generate more exposure, clicks and impressions for brands. Within LinkedIn advertising you have the option to use video, images or promoted content ads, most businesses stay traditional and use image ads. The list below outlines each type of LinkedIn advertising format:

  • Sponsored Content – This is the least personalised approach however can work well depending on your objective. This ad format can promote organic content that you have already posted onto your LinkedIn page – this can engage users and invite them to read, like or comment on your content and follow your brand. 
  • Sponsored InMail – This is where you can integrate into LinkedIn’s internal messaging tool. These messages have proven to be very effective with high open and click-through rates. 
  • Video Ads – These ads are great for a brand to tell their story to a wide range of LinkedIn users, by doing this it can build brand awareness and generate high-quality leads. Off the back of these videos you can set up a remarketing audience that watched at least 50% or 75% of the video, then you can retarget these people with carousel ads or lead form ads – this way building a conversion funnel with your ads.  
  • Text Ads –  With Text Ads you can choose the audience you want to reach and set your own budget without long term commitments. With text ads, you only pay for the ads that work therefore paying per click or impression. 
  • Carousel Ads – This is a visual approach to advertising, as you can capture your audience’s attention with up to 10 cards including high-quality images and ad copy. It’s an excellent format to drive traffic to a site and increase sales for brands. 
  • Dynamic Ads – Take a personalised approach with your LinkedIn advertising with Dynamic Ads. You can fully customize your ad to audience members by showing the user’s photo, company name and title within the advertisement. 
  • Display Ads – These ads can reach and engage the right buyers and build your brand in the premium content of the LinkedIn desktop experience. With display ads, you can guaranteed impressions directly from LinkedIn and reserve your audience at a set price. 

Generate Quality Leads Through LinkedIn Advertising 

One of the main benefits that LinkedIn offers B2B brands is the chance to generate high-quality leads. In B2B it’s more important to reach the correct decision markers and for this reason, businesses need to find where their decision markers are spending their time online. LinkedIn users are surrounded by professional content and news which means they are more likely to search for possible services and products for their business. But also professionals will pay attention to the relevant ads that would offer a solution for some of their problems.

5 Benefits Of Using LinkedIn AdvertisingMost social media advertising focuses on generating awareness and leads but without nurturing the leads you might not be able to convince them to convert into customers. One lead nurturing technique is email messages however with LinkedIn, it can be more effective. Through LinkedIn advertising, you can use their Lead Accelerator feature. This feature allows businesses to track their high-value prospects and offer more targeted ads directly to them. This also includes remarketing to recent website visitors, which helps nurture leads, making them more likely to convert into customers. 

LinkedIn Advertising Targeting Options 

As mentioned previously, choosing what social media platform to advertise on depends on how to make sure your brand message reaches your target audience. The targeting options on each platform is different as Facebook prides itself on its interest and behaviour based factors however LinkedIn is the right platform to use if you want to target people depending on their industry-specific variables. The list below outlines how LinkedIn allows you to target your ads based on variables:

  • Industry
  • Company Name 
  • Company Size
  • Job Title 
  • Job Function 
  • Seniority 
  • Degree Type 
  • Skills

With these specific targeting options, LinkedIn advertising is the ideal platform for brands that want to target B2B customers and get their brand shown in front of decision-makers. 

LinkedIn Retargeting Options 

LinkedIn offers effective ways to reach people who have already shown an interest in your brand and get in touch with them again in a more personalised message, this approach is called retargeting. Evidence shows that Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert. There is a range of ways to retarget your audience on LinkedIn:

  • Website Retargeting – You can collect cookies on your website from visitors who are coming onto your website from your LinkedIn campaigns – this way you can re-engage with these visitors again later by showing them a more personalised ad or a lead form in the hope they will convert. 
  • Contact Targeting – With this feature you can upload your existing database of email addresses of leads and customers to LinkedIn. LinkedIn will then match this against their own database and find those contacts who are users so you can then retarget them. 
  • Account Targeting – This is very similar to contact targeting however instead of uploading contact names and email addresses you upload a list of accounts (company names) to match against LinkedIn’s database. 
  • Lookalike Audiences – With this retargeting option LinkedIn will use your existing data to create new audiences similar to your current ones. This is a good approach to use if you are trying to reach more customers.

Increases Your Conversion Rates

The fifth benefit of using LinkedIn Advertising is that if you correctly use this platform, you can increase your conversion rates. As some of the benefits above already hint at this overall benefit for example generating leads then nurturing those leads which can increase the chances of a conversion into a new customer. 

A study conducted by HubSpot found that on average. LinkedIn Ads convert users to leads at a 6.1% conversion rate. That compares to the 2.5% conversion rate average from Google Search Ads. Demonstrating that using LinkedIn advertising in the right way can have the potential for significant success. 


Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to reach and connect with audiences you’d like to do business with, quickly and at high volumes. Going live with campaigns on LinkedIn means your business can establish brand-prospect relationships across the globe if need be. With a strong online presence, your prospects can easily gain an understanding of your business and start conversations that can lead to increased new business opportunities. 

The 5 benefits outlined in this blog show how vital LinkedIn advertising is, especially for B2B brands. If you aren’t social media savvy and want some help or advice – contact us today! By outsourcing your social media, it gives you an option to invest in some of the most diverse packages, but at a fraction of the cost if you do so in-house. Our marketers here at Jam digital, live and breathe social media therefore you will be in the best hands.

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