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4 Factors to Consider when Choosing your Online Platform

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Selecting the platform most suitable for your campaign is vital to your success. Each online platform presents its own benefits to your campaign, assisting your business in reaching its goals. To gain the best results from your digital campaign there are key factors to consider before dedicating resources to a specific platform. Our blog highlights five key considerations you must make to get started. 

Campaign Goals

The first consideration to make with any campaign is the ultimate goal your brand aims to achieve. Is your campaign goal to entice more customers, increase your brand awareness or grow your sales? While each platform offers you the opportunity to tailor your campaign to reach your goal, some prove more effective with specific tailoring than others – for example, Facebook and Instagram utilise push marketing styles working in favour of growing your sales and brand awareness meanwhile, Google offers a pull marketing style enticing your audience.


Taking your target audience into consideration is imperative to selecting the correct platform. 

It’s possible to reach a variety of audiences on each platform, however, each holds its own loyal demographics. Determining your campaign’s desired audience should be specifically aligned with your digital marketing campaign goals. Consider specific demographic criteria – age, location, behaviours and interests. With selecting certain audience demographics, some platforms target more effectively than others. In comparison to others, as a professional network, LinkedIn provides the largest opportunity to reach decision-makers through targeting Job Titles – an option the others do not offer. Meanwhile, Instagram delivers content to younger audiences whilst Facebook serves older generations. 


Content is key to enticing your audience. Each platform offers the opportunity to utilise an array of formats to gain your audiences’ attention, however, interactions are higher on some platforms over others. Creating scroll-stopping content requires a dedication of resources, time being most consuming. Limited budgets are often the case with beginner campaigns, therefore, producing high-quality content is not always an option.

With this in mind, most platforms offer alternatives such as Google Search ads.

Platform Benefits

Using Google as an advertising platform presents your business with many benefits as Google offers a variety of advertising styles to suit your campaign goal. 

Google search reduces your budget spend by eliminating the need for creative design, yet still enticing your audience. Google heightens your audience’s opportunity to research your business and products, optimising your click-through rate. 

Google Display requires graphic creation, utilising your budget, however, reaches your audience while they browse other sites, widening your reach potential, again, encouraging a higher CTR. 

Facebook is beneficial for brands trying to convey their personality effectively, aiming to create a community with their customers/ network. Facebook is highly interactive and allows your audience to explore your brand and establish relationships.

Instagram is the place to be to reach your younger audience. With 70% of those under 34 visiting this platform daily, this network places you at the forefront of younger generations.

As a leading professional networking platform, LinkedIn allows you to market directly to decision-makers, increasing the success of your lead generation. 


Each platform offers its own benefits, hence choosing correctly is vitally important to your campaign’s success. Outlining your goals and your desired audience allows you to effectively determine which platform will generate the best results for your digital marketing campaign, therefore, planning is crucial. Meanwhile, it is imperative that before committing to a specific platform you are aware of its limitations, benefits and the resources you are required to dedicate. After establishing these factors you will have sufficient knowledge to select wisely. 

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