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Digital Marketing for the Recovery

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These are unquestionably, unique times for all of us. The global impact of the current situation has affected our lives immeasurably. It’s had an effect on almost every area of our lives, our relationships, our work with many unable to work or working from home, and it’s also had a major impact on our buying behaviour. 

Whilst some sectors are suffering, other sectors are absolutely booming. However, amongst all of this, there are some fundamentals that all brands should keep in mind whilst riding out the storm we find ourselves in. 

1. Increase Your Visibility

Undeniably there are certain brands with products and services that simply cannot trade in the current situation. However, there are no restrictions on any brand’s digital presence. Quite the opposite now is the time to focus efforts towards your online real estate. Whether that means enhancing your website and social media presence, or creating them from scratch, now more than ever digital marketing is the best way for your brand to be found. If you relied on Exhibitions, Conferences or Bricks and Mortar locations for your business development in the past then you will undoubtedly be seeing a drastic decrease in footfall and interactions. Switch your efforts to publishing and engaging through your digital channels. You need to be visible to be found.

2. Stay Connected With Your Current Customers

As quickly as this situation arrived, it is evolving rapidly too. This means you MUST communicate with your customers. Updating them on the fundamentals like turnaround/delivery times, availability, opening/closing hours etc should be immediate areas of focus. Provide them with a way to stay connected with you, use social media messenger platforms to automate your responses until a member of your team can take over. It reassures the user and encourages them to stay engaged with you. Use discounts to your advantage, secure long term subscriptions and sign-ups by incentivising loyalty now. Customers will appreciate your situation and will also appreciate you reaching out to them with personalised authentic messaging. Create social media campaigns that invite your customers to interact and engage. User-generated content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc will boost your brand in a number of ways.

3. Invest in Your Marketing

There are currently lots of opportunities to drive high volume low-cost traffic and there is one key factor. Fewer advertisers. If you have already paused your campaigns thinking no one is buying, or that there is no way to convert traffic right now, you’re not the only one. 

Look at options such as Search and Display marketing which are currently seeing reductions of almost 80% in cost per click. In the last 3 weeks, we have seen certain B2B campaign CPCs drop to £0.02, with a Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) of £0.59.

Our client operates in a highly competitive B2B sector, and since launching new campaigns they have seen a major increase in new traffic and conversions. There are multiple ways to service the needs of your competitors’ audiences, particularly valuable if their customers are left frustrated with shortages, delays and long wait times. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list but it covers some essential elements that Brands owners must keep in mind when it comes to surviving the current situation. Digital Marketing brings with it the benefit to test and learn at ultra-low costs, to move quickly and capitalise on new opportunities. Keep this in mind, digital is ‘Always On’. User habits are changing massively, and where you may have previously relied on a customer service team to handle enquiries during office hours, the majority of the population have developed new habits in a matter of weeks. Your website and your social media profile are your digital front of house

Get them in shape, drive more traffic to them and your brand will stay connected in the short, medium and long term.


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